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Top secret Blizzard MMO

Oct 31, 2007

Blizzard Entertainment updates Employment Opportunities section of its website to include mention of a "top secret MMO". Seconds later the Blizzard fansites went into speculation overdrive about what the project could be.

The experts over at BlizzPlanet reckon we could be looking at a few things:

"A Starcraft MMO after Starcraft II? Look at World of Warcraft MMO ... it was launched a year after Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (RTS).

"We might be facing the return of Starcraft: Ghost as a Next-Gen MMO -- Rob Pardo revealed on August 2007 to Gamasutra and GameDaily that Blizzard planned to return to Starcraft: Ghost.

"A Diablo MMO isn't too far-fetched unleashing an all-out Heaven vs. Hell war where you must choose sides."

A new IP altogether? They won't make WOW-tastic amounts of money. Or will they? Feel free to speculate away in theForums.

Courtesy of CVG.