Top 10 Sci-Fi Bargains Of The Week

From the dawn of time we came; moving silently down through the centuries, living many secret lives, quietly browsing your shops, struggling to reach the time of the Bargaining; when the few who remain will battle to save their last few pounds. No one has ever known we were shopping among you... Until now…

Hello there, and welcome to the first SFX Friday Bargains Round-Up of 2013. The bargains round–up comes fresh into the New Year with a refined, leaner and more user-friendly look.

Here’s the ten bargains which most caught our eye this week…

1 Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures Boxed Set

In our first bargain of the New Year you can follow Indy on his four cinematic adventures for a price that works out at just £6.50 per film. Plus there’s a veritable plethora of extras to boot. Tag along with the whip-cracking archaeologist as he battles Nazis, Russians and bloody big snakes.

Amazon has the box-set available on Blu-ray for just £26 . You can also get the set on DVD for £17.75 . But there’s probably a lot fewer extras in the second set.

2 Handy Bendy T-Shirt Folder

Our second find this week is both geeky and practical. You can be just like The Big Bang Theory ’s Sheldon and give your T-shirts that clean, crisp, just bought look with this fantastic gadget. No geek’s laundry plan should be without.

Firebox have this useful item on sale for just £9.74 .

3 He-Man And Battle-Cat T-Shirt

Next we have a T-shirt featuring a cartoon favourite. Be transported right back to the ’80s with his arty rendition of Greyskull’s favourite prince and his trusty cat steed.

It’s on sale available from Mother’s Basement for £9.99 .

4 Dredd 3D

Future law man Judge Dredd comes to the DVD/Blu-ray shelves next week and if you missed it in the cinema – seems most people did (you fools!) – then here’s your chance to grab this slice of spectacular ultra-violence to watch in the comfort of your own city-block.

The home-entertainment version is out on Monday and you can pre-order it from Asda on Blu-ray , including a 3D version, for £13 . Alternatively you can order the DVD from Amazon, priced at just £9.99 . He is the Law!

5 Sinbad Series One

On the TV front we found Sky One’s recent ship, sword and sandal drama Sinbad (which gets really, really good towards the end). The set contains all 12 episodes of series one of last year’s retelling of the story of this classic character.

You can grab the DVD from Sainsbury’s for £11 , and Amazon have the Blu-ray for just £14.25 .

6 Nemesis The Warlock Figurine

The oddest thing we spotted this week was this bizarre, stylised version of Nemesis The Warlock . This classic 2000AD character looks perfect for scaring the snot out of all the other action figures in the room.

You can pick him up from the 2000AD site for just £11 . Credo!

7 Superman Hoodie

Fans of Krypton’s favourite son can get this excellent Superman logo hoodie to wear under their coat. Our own Dave Bradley has already ordered his.

You can find this piece of super-powered clothing for the bargaintastic price of £11.19 from Play. *Item will not give wearer the ability to fly…*

8 The Munsters Complete Boxed Set

Anyone mourning the death of Bryan Fuller’s Mockingbird Lane could ease their pain with a complete set of the original classic Munsters TV show. The box contains all 71 episodes over 12 discs.

The boxed set is available on DVD from Sendit for a measly £12.99 .

9 Dark Shadows

Admirers of Johnny Depp or Tim Burton can pick up their latest gothic horror comedy collaboration. The 2012 adaptation of the ‘60s TV show is a bit of an odd bird, but we’re sure fans of The Depp will love it.

Both the Blu-ray , which is priced at £10 , and the DVD , £7.75 , can be found on Amazon.

10 Doctor Who Character Builder Dalek Factory

For our final bargain of this week we have a toy for the fans of Doctor Who out there. At half the recommended retail price, this set will keep any Whovian happily distracted until the show returns to our screens later this year. Exterminate!

The set is available from Amazon for just £16.93 .