Too Human review

The tale of a hammer-wielding space-Viking that’s not quite to our liking

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    Satisfying combat

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    Great co-op

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    Lovely presentation of story


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    Stupid camera angles

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    Only two players?

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    A little on the short side

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That’s not to say it’s a terrible game though. The venomous criticism that the game’s received of late is largely unfair and blown out of proportion – Too Human is a solid enough, level-up, hack-’n’-slash effort, with plenty of depth in skill customization and item hunting to make it compelling – particularly in co-op. But for every smart idea it introduces, there are plenty of aspects which are downright irritating.

Let’s take the combat system for example: it’s a little unusual to say the least. Rather than hammering at the buttons to perform combos, you simply hold the right stick in the direction you want to attack and your character automatically starts swinging at the target. In fairness, once you get your head around how it works, it’s a smart mechanic (it alleviates some of the repetition normally associated with dungeon crawlers) but the payoff has been an irritating compromise on camera control, with the preset views not always proving useful while the camera motion feels jarring and disorientating. Aiming your firearms doesn't work so well either, as it can be tough to pick out the one enemy among ten that you need to shoot even when the camera isn't moving.

This is just something you’re expected to put up with, but it joins a long list of similarly clumsy problems. Like the game’s handling of death for example. When you’re out of energy, an Angel-like figure comes down to revive you - it takes almost half a minute to complete, is utterly tedious and criminally unskippable. Combined with an often bewildering plot and the game’s assumption that you’ll just understand and figure out the game mechanics yourself, you can really feel your patience being stretched to the limit. This, for many, will be a barrier that prevents you from enjoying the action, and prevents the game from reaching its true potential.

And there is potential here – like we said, at its heart lies a decent game. Smashing robots is satisfying. There are very clever ideas tucked in (like low-level loot automatically selling itself when your inventory fills up) and the whole sci-fi space vikings theme is pretty cool, as is the art direction throughout the entire experience.

So the question remains, should you actually fork over your hard-earned cash for it? Well, that depends on how forgiving you are. Anyone determined, with a love of dungeon crawlers, and all the loot-hunting and levelling they involve, will find something to enjoy here. After an initial playthough, they’ll find satisfaction in replaying it just as long as they have a like-minded friend willing to join in the action.

For everyone else though, it’s a tough one to recommend. It’s short-lived and frustrating as a solo-experience. Many of Too Human’s game design decisions are inexplicably idiotic and it will probably end up making you angry – so what’s the point?

[Ed note: While Geraint Evans is the author of record for this piece, a few key edits have been made based uponthe GR staff'sown time with the game. Any discrepancies between this and the original version of the piece published in GamesMaster UK are deliberate, but wholly the responsibility of the GR edit team.]

Aug 18, 2008

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DescriptionToo Human would be a severely underwhelming game even if it weren't for its ten-year-long development or its outspoken creator. Awkward combat, a braindead camera and a laundry list of bad design choices make this title plainly mediocre. There's a solid game buried beneath it all, and determined gamers may find something to like here, but everyone else should steer clear of Too Human.
Platform"Xbox 360"
US censor rating"Teen"
UK censor rating"Rating Pending"
Alternative names"Too Human: Part 1"
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)