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Tony Hawk's Project 8 review

Real skating bite, minus the wheelchair

Friday 17 November 2006
Skateboarding is fun. To see how fun, throw yourself down 16 stairs, and when you arrive at thebottom, absorb the brutal concrete smack that surges up through the bones of your feet to crush your ankles, knees and spine. If that doesn't sound pleasurable, then at least know Tony Hawk's Project 8's virtual reenactment is massively so. Score one for gaming versus the real world.

If you skate, or if you've ever wanted to, the lifelike physics and painstakingly motion-captured animation in THP8 make grinding a handrail or hammering a kick-flip down a stair-set a detailed event, portrayed with authentic weight and balance.

More Info

DescriptionTony Hawk's starting from scratch with all-new graphics, physics, and a renewed focus on stone-cold skateboarding realism.
Franchise nameTony Hawk
UK franchise nameTony Hawk
PlatformPS3, Xbox 360, PS2, Xbox, PSP
US censor ratingTeen