Tony Hawk's Project 8

Nail the Trick - the game's single largest revolution - is easily accessible in multiplayer. Hit both sticks to go slow-mo and up-close on your skater's feet, as you craft your own unique flip tricks. It's advisable to practice Nail the Trick before trying it against others, however. It's got a learning curve that even the most experienced Hawk -heads will have to respect, with each stick controlling one of your skater's legs, but is well worth perfecting. The developers joining in our multiplayer games used it to own us early and often.

While Project 8's single-player finally offers border-free, load-free access to the entire world, multiplayer's range of freedom can vary. It's wise to choose closed in "parks" for games like graffiti and Walls, as too open an environment would defeat their purpose. Besides, the best multiplayer sessions come from skating right alongside your rivals for added pressure. The same expert level design is evident in Project 8, so there's no shortage of great runs and objects to trick off of, no matter how small the area. However, you can also open up all of Project 8 's real estate, which will make for some crazy trick attack matches.

Whether you're jonesing for the single- or multiplayer aspects of Tony Hawk, this game has loads of promise. Some people may try to hate on this series for its Madden-like sequel cycle, but Project 8 's full embracing of next-gen technology and Nail the Trick aspect is sure to shut them up for another year.