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Tombs to be re-raided

If you just started playing games in the past five or six years, you wouldn't understand just how insanely popular professional tomb raider Lara Croft was in the late '90s. Her bountiful assets and explorative gameplay captivated untold legions of gamers, and now her first raid is getting a 10th anniversary remake for PS2, PSP and PC, courtesy of Tomb Raider Legend developer Crystal Dynamics.

The original Tomb Raider launched, obviously, in 1996 and featured dwarfing caverns and detailed, rickety ruins to pillage. It all seemed pretty standard fare until the dinosaurs, fireball-hurling statues and bloodthirsty deathtraps started trying to consume our eyeballs. Will this new version sport anything beyond the expected, improved graphics? Eidos isn't saying, but with the Legend developer on the case, our hopes are deservedly high.

June 16, 2006