Tomb Raider: Legend

Throughout all of this, Lara changes her clothes almost every level ... which is honestly terribly impressive. The end result is a fresh look for Ms. Croft in each new setting that maintains interest and insures that you've always got something nice to look at. Of course, the best of these outfits has got to be the evening gown from the Tokyo level. In itself, the gown looks nice, but it looks even nicer once things get dangerous for Lara and she slits the side of it so that she can move more freely.

From the seven hours we were able to spend with Legend, approximately six of those were spent enjoying the crap out of ourselves. That extra one hour was mostly self-loathing for not making jumps or leaping off cliffs that we hadn't really intended to leap off of. Still, Legend has forced us to take another look at this tired franchise ... it looks very much like the magic is back.