Tomb Raider Legend

We've talked plenty about Tomb Raider Legend in previous articles, but what we haven't done is given you a level-by-level description of it - until now. We'll keep the spoilers and the small talk to a minimum, though we will warn you that Eidos has made us promise not to show you every level yet, so the screens don't always match the levels. Also, we do reveal a few story details here, so consider yourself spoiler alerted. Clear? Okay. Grab your gear.

The first level is appropriately swaddled in tutorial windows that pop up from time to time to get you ready for raiding. These early exercises are designed to get you acquainted with Lara's standard operating procedures and prepare you for the trials ahead. Of course, Bolivia contains the trademark grand temples and dense jungle foliage the Tomb Raider series has become known for, but the extra love and attention that went into this game's creation is immediately evident in the rich textures and effervescent water.

There's basically a bullet point list you need to run down whenever you enter a new area:
1.Watch out for traps that could spring as you initially enter
2.Survey the area for enemies that need to be snuffed
3.Identify what objects you can interact with
4.Devise a method of using the interactables to get to the next room or area
5.Climb your ass around until you get out