Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

Ubisoft has addressed the delay between the shipment of Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter on the PC, and the blockbuster release on its console cousin, the Xbox 360. Namely, the two titles have been developed independently, and contain some very interesting differences.

Most notably, you'll be locked into the first-person perspective throughout the game. While this may knock down the cool-factor of sneaking, peeking and sliding into and out of cover, it promises to bring us right back to the rock-solid shooter gameplay of the original two Ghost Recon titles. Add that to the crate-load of extra goodies that the Cross Com interface offers (the chance to seethrough cameras onyour fellow soldiers' helmets, for instance) and it sounds like the Ghost Recon franchise is back, and laser-focused on fun.

The trailer (click the movies tab above) also reveals that you can set waypoints for your teamvia an overhead tactical planning map - certainly not part of the console release. This hints at even more wide-open routes available to players, by offering the strategic options the tactical planning map gave to Rainbow Six players.

Also, in a tip of the hat to PC gamers, furiously fast jet fighters bring air strikes to the party in a hurry, as opposed to the slow, meat-wagon helicopters on the 360. Hang on for more information next week, when we'll have a hands-on preview with GRAW on the PC.