Tom Clancy's EndWar

Oct 3, 2007

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter meets Commander %26amp; Conquer is the best way to describe this near-future fusion of real-time strategy and third-person squad-shooter. Set in the thick of World War III in the year 2020, it sees the superpowers of the US, Europe and Russia busting out all their hi-tech hardware and boys' toys.

Ubisoft has streamlined fussier resource management aspects and created a full 3D world instead of the typical top-down 2D view. The ground-level camera places you right in the heat of the action, and you can also jump from unit to unit to save scrolling around as well as pull the camera back to a tactical map view.

With your performance in one battle affecting the set-up of the next, getting the hang of ordering your units via a combination of the controller and voice commands is critical. You may move the camera to keep an eye on a group of engineers on one side of the battlefield, but ready a squad of riflemen on the other by bellowing "Calling all riflemen, create group," followed by an order to move to a position or attack a group of enemies.

Online is where the huge scope of EndWar stands out. Multiplayer is persistent, which means that every time you log in and take your heavily customizable squad into battle, the frontlines and balance of power will have shifted since your last visit. And since players must restart if their squad dies, this is one war that has no end in sight.