Today's Doctor Who bombshell.

On Monday, the Beeb announced that the Doctor would be getting a new companion for all thirteen episodes of the fourth season of Doctor Who. On Tuesday they revealed that Kylie Minogue will be guest starring in the Christmas special.

Today they've revealed the new companion will be... Donna. From "The Runaway Bride". As played by comedienne Catherine Tate.

Allow me to cast aside my serious-faced news-presenter persona for a moment here and vent my personal feelings: Nooooooooooooo! I'd much rather have 13 episodes of the lovely, lovely Martha Jones instead. There. I've said it.

Maybe they can pull it off. I found the character really annoying for most of "The Runaway Bride" (she was just too damn shouty!) but I was starting to at least contemplate the possibility of liking her by the end of the story. Maybe if they can continue in that vein...

Sob. I miss Martha.

Source: BBC Doctor Who website.