To The Moon JRPG reveals a remarkable trailer

To The Moon, a story-focused game developed by indie studio Freebird Games looks to use traditional JRPG architecture to do something truly unique. The game finds “two doctors traversing through the memories of a dying man to fulfill his last wish.†That wish, of course, is to travel to the moon.

At nearly four minutes long we didn't think the trailer could hold our attention, but the science fiction mixed with a contemporary space program caught us off guard. Frankly, it's a breath of fresh air to see anything besides knights and wizards in a kerfuffle over crystals. The creative psychological elements with — from what we can tell — the potential to tell a brutally dramatic story, are almost just icing on the cake.

Above: A trailer you should watch

A big part of what pulled on our heartstrings is obviously the soundtrack. It's an ambitious collaboration betweenLaura Shigihara(Plants vs. Zombies) and Freebird's own Kan R. Gao. And while the game won't be available until fall,pre-ordersfor the soundtrack are only five dollars - and you get 7 of the 25 tracks right now.

Check outFreebird's sitefor more (free) games, including the full-length fantasy adventure Quintessence: The Blighted Venom and The Mirror Lied, an excellent experimental short project.

Aug 9, 2011