TMNT arcade classic hits Xbox Live Arcade

First aliens, then worms, and now turtles. Even without potential vampires next week, this just might be the best stretch yet for Microsoft’s notoriously inconsistent download service. We’ve seen our fair share of classic crap released on the service (we’re looking at you Midway, you Root Beer-slingin’ paper-throwin’ galaxy Defendin’ devils), but Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is exactly the kind of old schooler we should be seeing more regularly. Gameplay that’s still a Foot-stomping blast, a chunky seven levels, and most importantly, four player co-op.

As all classic games do, TMNT will drop early Wednesday morning for 400 Marketplace points, or five bucks of your earth money, packed with 200 potential Gamerscore points split amongst 12 achievements. This is side-scrolling beat-‘em-up action at it’s finest: memorable exciting levels, tough bosses (when you have limited credits, at least), vehicle segments, and four different characters that actually play slightly differently. Let’s just hope the network code runs seamlessly so we can scarf ice cream-topped pizzas, smash tiny mouser robots and fall down manholes without interruption.

So here’s your decision: you can either buy it right away and get yourself even more hyped for the new TMNT CG feature film coming out on the 23rd, or see the film first and then buy the game to reenact the tubular action. Either way, we’ll see you online.

March 13, 2007