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Titan Quest: Immortal Throne review

Don't pay the ferryman


  • New areas and level design are great
  • Objectives are way cooler
  • Worth it if you like the original


  • New items don't work that well
  • New Dream abilities are alright
  • Diablo clone

Expansion packs are usually bland affairs, but this one kind of unsettles us. Titan Quest was a tragic game that was meant to be the next big thing but ended up a so-so Diablo clone after six years in development. And almost all of what Immortal Throne adds centers around two themes: dreams and death.

If ever there was a game that would turn out to be haunted and end up electrocuting you through your mouse, this is it.

For those of you who ain’t afraid of no ghost, Immortal Throne is a broad platter of additions. A new mastery joins the original eight: you pick two to make your character, so there are eight new potential combinations that could make use of the new “Dream” skills. Then you’ve got a new fourth chapter for the game proper, which takes you back to Greece on a quest into the depths of Hades. New items include special super-powerful artifacts that require you to happen across the recipe, amass the ingredients and pay for them to be made. Lastly you’ve got some interface improvements and the appearance of caravan drivers in every settlement who’ll store your gear, for a price.

More Info

GenreRole Playing
DescriptionA Titan Quest expansion pack, adding 12 hours of single player gaming and a variety of new ways to develop your character.
US censor ratingTeen