Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 review

The stern-faced Tiger scared NGC into giving this a try and they were pleasantly surprised...

Tiger Woods has scared us into playing his virgin DS outing. He usually looks like a nice guy - but on the cover of this game he's pointing an accusatory finger and showing a face so full of wrath that it made at least one member of the NGC team void their bladder.

Yes, Mr Woods! We'll play your game! Anything you say!

Behind the glowering cover-photo, though, lies a surprisingly successful game of sticksie-ball, as we like to call golf here at NGC Towers, and it makes a good attempt of utilising the touch-screen, too, offering a splendid alternative to analogue stick control.

The touch screen shows the map for each course, and by dragging the stylus around it you can check out every area of the course, as well as setting the directional marker for where you want to hit the ball.

Sweet stuff, although it's a little sensitive and it's slightly difficult to get the marker to go exactly where you want, as it swings around a bit. And talking of swinging, taking your shot is where PGA Tour really comes into its own, DS-wise.

When you're ready to give the ball a good thwack, hit A or touch the club icon on the touch-screen, and you'll be brought to fabulous touch-based shot system. To the right of the screen there's a power meter - rub the stylus up and down it as quickly as possible increases the power of your shot.

Then you drag your stylus over the U-shaped swing icon, completing both downswing and upswing in one smooth movement (thus replicating the use of the analogue stick on Gamecube).

It's a cracking system and one that we were genuinely surprised by. Of course, while it's easy to appreciate the system, your enjoyment of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 is rather dependent on what you actually think of golf.

Half the NGC team think golf is indeed a good walk spoiled but this is nonetheless a fine rendition of the sport and a decent premier outing on DS.

It also offers many of the extras found on Gamecube and the other, bigger console editions. You can create your own player, for instance, and scrolling through the faces, bodies, clothes and so on is simplicity itself when using the touch-screen.

So a definite thumbs-up, then, and not only because we're afraid Woodsy'll come 'round our houses and beat us into a coma with his club (he's a serious-looking man).

It's graphically a little perfunctory at times, and the sounds are a bit naff on occasion (the squawking of seagulls comes to mind), but if you fancy a bit of golf on your DS, you really can't go wrong. Result.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005 is making a drive for DS on 11 March

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