Thrillville - Developer Diaries Week Six

Meanwhile, our dance game has been crafted with genuine respect for the genre and of course Thrillville's arcade games pay homage to some excellent classics that have gone before - with our own unique twists, of course. There are also real surprises like Saucer Sumo and Trampolines - the list goes on.

Last but not least, watching soccer matches even served as a bit of research. Thrillville has a great game within it known as Saucer Soccer. Being based in England, we have an in-built appreciation for "the beautiful game," and a huge amount of dedicated research that has gone into Saucer Soccer via our regular Tuesday-evening five-a-side games, come rain or shine. Actually, sometimes it's a little too much - we're considering banning one of our programmers from playing, as he ends up with some injury or other every week. We need to keep him intact for coding!

So yeah - researching for Thrillville has been a tough job... After finishing the game, I needed a vacation. Where do you think I went? Disneyland Paris. Purely research, you understand...