Thrillville - Developer Diaries Week One

You'll know you're doing a good job in your park by chatting it up with visitors to your park. Their feedback is invaluable, and it even extends beyond "how’s my park?" to flirty chat and small talk. Again - the social aspect can be an entire afternoon's entertainment all unto itself.

Thrillville also features a cute little story with missions that will help you along one concept at a time to becoming a crackerjack theme-park manager in your own right. One day, your kindly Uncle Mortimer, a crazy inventor and owner of numerous theme parks, has an accident in his lab, and he needs some help running Thrillville while he recovers - your help. Throughout the game he'll check in on you and give you access to his latest inventions. Meanwhile, you must contend with a rival theme park that has heard about Mortimer's leave of absence and decided to try to take Thrillville down while he's out of the picture.You'll need all your building and managing skills to keep this rival at bay.