THQ taking Saints Row in a new direction for 3DS and Xbox Live

THQ is planning to shake upits interquel strategy with a complete re-design of its pre-Saints Row 3 chapters for the3DS and Xbox Live.

Inaninterview with Shack News, Danny Bilson, THQ's head of core games, spoke to the studio's desire to take the franchise in a fresh direction for its 'extended-product' releases,saying, %26ldquo;It's going to be a different. We actually changed the design and are doing something more unique... we wound up feeling the game we were building was too much like a section of Saint's Row that you could play in Saint's Row. Now we've come up with a new design with a completely original game mechanic and we're building out something that supports Saint's Row with that.%26rdquo;

Bilson added,%26ldquo;Because you don't want to play something that you can play within the main experience. It's actually a really cool, unique game we haven't announced yet for Xbox Live."

Above: "There're going to be some changes around here, boyz"

Aside from the Saint's Row game, Bilsonalso saidthat the company plans to supportthe 3DSwith more 'family-oriented' and 'core' games, andsaid that there are already three or four in development.

First Resident Evil and now Saints Row? Looks like the 3DS is playing fast and loose with its family friendly image.Not thatwe're complaining.

THQ's unnamed Saints Row titles on the 3DS and Xbox Live will be release before the official Saints Row 3 sequel in 2011.

Nov 4, 2010


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