This week's best Overwatch moments: Trust no one, even Winston might betray you

Overwatch is about teamwork. That makes it all the more bitter when one of your own teammates manages to get you killed. It stings when it happens in-game, but at least we denizens of the Internet can commiserate with you.

1. Mei the traitor

In the midst of a Reaper ultimate, an enemy Mei tried to play defense with her Ice Wall. Instead, she accidentally gave Reaper a better angle to wipe her entire team. Whose side are you on, Mei? (Source)

2. Winston the traitor

Zarya thought she was doing the right thing, shielding her teammate Winston with a Projected Barrier. But when he’s stuck with Tracer’s Pulse Bomb, he leaps right into Zarya’s face. End result is a dead Zarya as Winston scampers away. All’s fair in love and Overwatch war, it seems. (Source)

3. Sombra, thief of health

We’ve all been there, waiting patiently for a health pack to respawn so we can rejoin the fight. But Sombra ruins the party by hacking it right under this Torbjorn’s nose, then adds insult to injury by killing him off. (Source)

4. Sombra in her natural habitat

One of the new 3v3 elimination maps features Sombra’s old stomping grounds. Behold, the hacker in her digs. (Source)

5. Invisibility =/= invincibility

They might sound the same, but invisibility and invincibility are not the same. Here, a quick-thinking Roadhog extrapolates a glimmer of Sombra movement to hook her, even though she’s invisible. Good catch! (Source)

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