This roguelike bullet hell from a Devil May Cry and Okami veteran promises old-school chaos amongst the stars, and it hits Early Access this week

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Starnaut is a new roguelike bullet hell from a developer behind Devil May Cry and Okami - and it enters early access this week.

You might not know Sawaki Takeyasu, but you'll know his games. They include Devil May Cry, Steel Battalion, Okami, and El Shaddai, and now the storied developer is turning his talents to the roguelike genre with bullet hell game Starnaut, which is out later this week on February 14 (aka Valentine's Day) on Steam in early access.

You can see the launch trailer for Starnaut just below, where the player takes on the role of a surviving astronaut out in the far reaches of space. You need to collect coins in every level by defeating enemies before your oxygen meter runs dry, and then use these coins to launch a big Omega Rocket and complete a level.

If you collect enough coins in a level, you can buy new gear like weapons from a friendly merchant called Shopnaut, who follows you throughout Starnaut. However, you can only venture into a level with one weapon at a time, so you need to pick your firearm wisely.

The entire thing looks weirdly grabbing - we can see the player slay monsters like huge tentacles in the trailer above, and use weapons like laser cannons to vanquish foes. There are even some weapons that automatically target enemies around you, so you're left to manically run around the map while evading enemies.

If this has piqued your interest, you should head over to Starnaut's Steam page and wishlist it to stay up to date with all the developments surrounding the early access game. 

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