This Pokemon Go throw trick will help you capture pesky Zubats and other flyers

If you've ever wasted a dozen Poke Balls on a junky little Zubat that just refused to stay still in Pokemon Go, you will want to watch this video. YouTuber SinaCXVII has put together a quick guide for their patent-pending "SinaThrow" which will help you mop up Pokemon faster while saving your ball stores for the really tough monsters.

To review: make sure you're in non-AR mode for battles (so you get the pre-fight intro scene), then start rapidly swiping up from where the Poke Ball will appear at the bottom of the screen. This will let you throw a ball at the Pokemon while it's still close up and thus a much bigger target. It's also a lot easier to pick up XP bonuses for nice throws this way. If the Pokemon breaks out of the ball, run from the fight and try again.

Fast and easy! It's not even that much of a cheat, since you'll still need to take your time with berries and higher quality balls on tougher Pokemon. But hopefully you'll never need to curse out a swarm of bizarrely elusive Zubats again. For more Poke-research, check out 14 mechanics Pokemon Go never actually tells you about and our Pokemon Go tips

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Image via The Pokemon Company

Connor Sheridan

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