This Palworld player was sitting on a Jetragon's hoard of valuable items worth 200,000 gold, all because they didn't believe they wouldn't need them for late-game crafting

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Many Palworld players are straight up refusing to make the most of one of the survival game's best sources of in-game currency out of the fear that they might end up regretting it later down the line. And honestly? It's a pretty understandable concern. 

If you've been playing Palworld for a while, you too might have accumulated a bit of a goldmine in your inventory in the form of gemstones and "precious" materials dropped by the survival game's field bosses. Whether you're looking at a Ruby or Precious Claw though, there's only one thing you can currently do with them – sell the lot for some juicy profit. In the Reddit post below, one player admitted to amassing more than 200,000 gold worth of valuable items, all because they didn't realize they weren't used in any crafting recipes.

However, despite having what you'd think would be a clear-cut purpose, some players are suspicious, and think that just because we can't craft anything with the items now doesn't mean that we won't be able to later. Palworld is still in early access, after all, so a lot of things can be expected to change and evolve.

Just realized you don’t need this stuff to craft from r/Palworld

"I refuse to sell anything that's not 'used' as of yet. The game just got released, who knows what will be used late game that you just sold. Nope not falling for that again," one Reddit user wrote.

"I've been burned a few times selling those items in different games and it turned out they were useful late game," commented another.  

You really can't blame people for thinking like this when games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild use gemstones to upgrade armor, despite tempting us all to sell them for a generous amount of Rupees. Even so, there's nothing to prove at this point that this will end up happening in Palworld, too, so if you're really running low on in-game cash, don't be too afraid to sell. 

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