This Overwatch 2 charm costs more in-game than it does in real life

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Earlier this month, Overwatch 2 brought more than its fair share of changes to Blizzard's team-based shooter, the biggest being the introduction of the free-to-play model. While this has its benefits, it's also led to aggressive monetization practices and many unhappy players. 

To prove just how pricey cosmetics in Overwatch 2 can be, one Reddit user purchased a real-life version of the Pachimari charm, a charm that's also available to buy in-game. "It cost me less to buy this charm in real life, than it does in game," said the user in a post on the Overwatch subreddit. As the images below show, they purchased a rather adorable-looking Overwatch Pachimari Jinx 3D Keychain from the Blizzard Gear website for a reasonable $5.00.

it_cost_me_less_to_buy_this_charm_in_real_life from r/Overwatch

If you're looking to purchase the Pachimari charm in digital form, it'll set you back 700 Overwatch coins. As 500 coins cost $4.99, you're looking at around $7.00 for the digital version. Yes, that's right, you can pay two dollars more for an accessory you can't actually hold in your hands or carry around with you.

Amazingly, even if you go for the highest coin option available, which costs $99.99 for 10,000 coins (plus a bonus 1,600), you'll still end up spending just over $6.00 on the digital version.

Some users are fearful that this revelation won't cause Blizzard to reduce the prices of Overwatch 2's digital items but rather increase the cost of its store content. "Careful now they're just gonna raise the prices of the physical stuff!" says one user. Another player noted that a lot of items have already increased in price, recalling a Tracer statue they claim was originally offered for around $130, which is now selling for $190.

Earlier this month, Overwatch fans shared their disappointment at the game’s lofty battle pass price, and monetization is also ruining what’s otherwise a fun-filled Halloween event.

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