This indie is a fast-paced low-poly Divinity: Original Sin

Stolen Realm
(Image credit: Burst2Flame Entertainment)

Stolen Realm is a turn-based role-playing game that draws inspiration from some of the best in the genre. It’s got the tactical depth of Divinity: Original Sin, fast-paced action and looting that gives off major Diablo vibes, and a low poly aesthetic and hex grid style similar to the impressive virtual tabletop RPG For The King. 

The game is described on Steam (opens in new tab) as "a simultaneous turn-based tactical dungeon crawling looter with action RPG elements" (try saying that three times fast). Basically, it puts a twist on the traditional turn-based formula allowing all members of your party and enemies to take their actions at the same time, resulting in encounters that are quick and engaging but no less steeped in strategy.

You can venture out in search of loot solo or with a group of friends as Stolen Realm supports online co-op for up to six players. Others can easily step in to lend a hand at any time, thanks to the drop-in drop-out system which scales battles depending on how many of your buddies join you. You’ve also got a wide range of classes to choose from, with the option to stick to the more traditional RPG types like fighters and wizards or get a little more creative with, for instance, a spell-slinging assassin or a shadow-infused knight. 

The game launched in Early Access back in October 2021, and initial impressions are encouraging, as the pre-release version currently boasts a "very positive" user rating on Steam. Since then, developer Burst2Flame Entertainment has spent the time adding new content and fixes ahead of the full release on PC, Xbox, and Switch, which has been narrowed down to "Q2 2023." The latest update does away with the transition between the map and battles for a more seamless experience and adds three new areas to explore. 

"Our goal with Stolen Realm is to focus on the core appeal of RPGs," the developer explains. "We want to ensure players are always in combat, looting and making interesting choices, with the freedom to drop-in with friends whenever they want."

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