This $2000 gaming chair has its own rumble feature for games and movies

This new gaming chair from PC parts manufacturer Cooler Master and haptics developer D-BOX has its own rumble and movement features designed to make games and movies more immersive. What's the catch, you ask? Well, it starts at $2000.

The Motion 1 from Cooler Master is the first gaming chair to incorporate D-BOX's haptic tech, which is currently used to add motion and whole-body feedback to chairs in movie theaters, theme parks, training simulations, and home theaters. It's unclear exactly how the Motion 1's rumble feature will work, but it sounds like Cooler Master and D-BOX are partnering with studios to sync up the chair with various games and movies. Cooler Master has confirmed that support for console games is in the works, but initially it'll only work with PC games.

"This innovation will provide movement and vibration to gamers, allowing them to have a better experience by bringing an immersive and more realistic aspect to the game," said D-BOX president Sébastien Mailhot. "Cooler Master has developed a unique and versatile design, providing unparalleled comfort for working, playing and for watching movies, while also benefiting from high-fidelity haptic movement. This chair fits perfectly into our ever-growing library of nearly 200 video games and over 2,000 films and series available in the D-BOX haptic format," added Mr. Mailhot.

In the brief teaser up top, it looks like the Motion 1 is attached to a swivel base, which will likely be used to gently move you around during racing and other high-intensity situations. Here's an example of how the tech works with Dirt Rally 2.0 and an extremely elaborate at-home setup, which of course you won't need if you get the Motion 1.

Pre-orders for Cooler Master's Motion 1 will go live in Q4 2021, with chairs expected to start shipping the following January. The starting price for the base model is $1,999, and the most expensive version will run you $2,299. For comparison, Secret Lab is pretty much the standard-bearer for high-quality gaming chairs, and they'll run you anywhere from $400 to $800.

In case you're looking for something a tad more affordable, here's our guide to the best gaming chairs available now.

Jordan Gerblick

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