This dark fantasy Metroidvania hooked me in 30 seconds, and some other people too since it's 285% Kickstarter funded after 3 days

Two warriors battle in an animated trailer for Eden's Guardian
(Image credit: Voragine Game Studios)

Eden's Guardian is an upcoming Metroidvania that immediately had me hooked with its hand-drawn pixel art and teleporting action, but it seems I wasn't alone, as its Kickstarter campaign has been smashing its funding goals.

"In ancient times, the Guardians ruled the world, but as generations passed, their power waned," the game's Kickstarter campaign explains. "In a desperate attempt to maintain their dominance, they turned to a dark power that strengthened them but came at the cost of their sanity." We then take the place of an awakened Guardian working to reverse the damage done to the world. 

Eden's Guardian has one big twist that sets it apart from other games in the genre: a teleporting sword. Our main Guardian can slash and hack and dash across the game's twisting map, but she can also throw her sword and then teleport to it. Hearing that sent sparks down my synapses, imagining futures spent stealthily back-stabbing enemies or teleporting mid-way through extra tough platforming challenges. 

"Use your sword on surfaces and use it to go through obstacles, up and down walls and through bars," the description continues. "As you progress, you will be able to nail it on more surfaces and do more things with it" - which bodes well for the game's gradual Metroidvania progression. 

Eden's Guardian is currently scheduled to release in December 2025 on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and PS5 - though the game is still in development, so that date is subject to change. 

The Kickstarter campaign has already passed multiple stretch goals that promise to add a boss rush mode, a horde mode, and new areas to the game. Future stretch goals are aiming to include English voice acting and animated cutscenes, should the raised funds go that high. 

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