This atmospheric indie was inspired by Life is Strange and Silent Hill - two games I never thought would work well together but do

June Blue screenshot
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Upcoming indie Blue June was inspired by Life is Strange and Silent Hill - two games I never expected to work well together but absolutely do.

I first came across this game on Twitter and after finding out that its developer, Tiny Dodo Games, was inspired by Life is Strange and Sally Face - two games I love - as well as Silent Hill and Inside I had to look more into it. Although it may look like an angsty teen adventure game on the surface, Blue June clearly has some more spooky themes hiding below the surface which has got me digging through the game's Steam page to find out more about it. 

According to the listing, Blue June is a 2.5D story-driven adventure game that features elements of exploration, puzzle solving, stealth, and even some horror. Players will take on the role of Rose Hill Academy student June as they uncover the truth behind the character's nightmares. Going from the trailer seen just below, the college setting is definitely giving Blackwell Academy vibes from Life is Strange and some of the settings and puzzles definitely remind me of Sally Face too. 

What makes Blue June even more interesting is the fact it is being developed by a "one-girl team" according to Steam. The Tiny Dodo website also gives more context to the person behind the game - Bibi from Toronto Canada. According to the site, Bibi does everything for Blue June including programming, art, game assets, animation, sound, and design which makes the whole thing even more impressive. 

Since this is a big project for just one person, Blue June is yet to get a release date beyond "coming soon" on Steam. If you also can't wait to hear more about this project though, we suggest wishlisting it or trying out its demo on Steam. You can also follow its developer on Twitter to stay up to date on the progress of Blue June. 

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