This 69-themed Steam account is very, very nice

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A Steam user in pursuit of the perfect account is dedicating every stat they can to the number 69. Nice [You only get one - ed].

During a recent broadcast, streamer ohnepixel stumbled across the Steam profile of Nacho_. As ohnepixel went on to discover (and as you can check out in the video clip below), this was no ordinary profile - almost every stat that Nacho_ could alter had been changed to read 69 (via PC Gamer).

Nacho_, who has 1,969 friends on Steam, is also a member of 69 groups, and has amassed 6,969 badges. They've taken 69 screenshots, and have 69 workshop items in their inventory. There are 6,969 items in their inventory, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's ultra-rare Dragon Lore AWP sniper, which community pricing currently values at more than $12,000. That's real commitment to the bit.

When it comes to actual games, the trend continues. Nacho_'s favourite game is The Bunker 69, a post-apocalyptic visual novel that they've played for precisely 6.9 hours. They've taken 69 screenshots across the other games they've played, but perhaps most impressive is their Achievement Showcase, which outlines 6,969 achievements, with 69 perfect games and an average completion rate of 69%. 

The dedication goes ever deeper, with 6,969 pages of comments, and a perfectly-crafted item inventory which contains 696,969 gems from the 2014 holiday sale. Game-specific inventories for Dota 2, PUBG, CS:GO, and Don't Starve Together all include 69 items. Sadly, Nacho_'s Team Fortress 2 inventory is a little bigger, adding up to 1,337 items in total, which might be leet, but it isn't 69.

Ohnepixel suggests that Nacho_ might have inadvertently rendered their account unusable - just one achievement, acquired by accident, and all that hard work would be ruined. Fortunately, some commenters point out that achievement managers are fairly widely available, meaning that Nacho_ can still play games without worrying about the state of their profile page. Ni[what did I say! - ed]

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