These fancy Resident Evil 20th anniversary edition PS4s are Japan exclusive, for now

Capcom is releasing a set of special edition PS4 systems to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Resident Evil and the release of online shooter Umbrella Corps. The new consoles were revealed in a post on the Japanese PlayStation Blog, as translated by Gematsu, though unfortunately Capcom hasn't made any mention of bringing them out West yet.

The special edition packs come in both Jet Black and Glacier White (you'll have to settle for Jet Black if you want 1TB storage instead of 500GB), a copy of Umbrella Corps., and two hard drive cover face plates: one for Umbrella Corps, which has a a Grim Reaper motif of a gas-masked trooper wearing a cloak and carrying a scythe (which is pretty metal, actually); and the other for the Resident Evil/Biohazard 20th anniversary, showing the STARS crew in their various roles from across the franchise (plus Ada Wong).

They also include a special 20th Anniversary theme, just in case you want to stop your heart every time you navigate to the top level of the interface. There's still something about that first zombie that makes me shudder…

Resident Evil Umbrella Corps will be released on June 21. Capcom has said that will be the start of a "full-scale offensive" for the series this year, but we'll have to wait and see whether that means Resident Evil 7 is finally on the way.

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