These exclusive images of Headlander's robotic enemies are far out, man

Double Fine's latest game Headlander arrives on PS4 and PC next week, and it's about as strange a concept as you'd expect from the studio behind Psychonauts and Costume Quest. It's a game about a disembodied human head trekking through a 70s-inspired sci-fi wonderland, where you'll yank the metallic craniums off of various robots to access new areas and solve puzzles - you know, everyday kinda stuff. Join us as we explore the robotic denizens you'll come across - and decapitate - on your journey through a shag-carpeted space station, along with some exclusive art you'll only find at GamesRadar+. 

Shepherd Patrol MKI

These are your standard enemies. Equipped with the most basic weaponry, they patrol the various rooms and halls you'll come across and can bounce lasers off of walls to hit you when you least expect it. They come in Red, Orange, and Yellow colors, each one denoting their approved security clearance. 

Shepherd Enforcer

The Enforcer is all about close-quarters combat. Equipped with stronger armor than other Shepherds, as well as a reflective shield, the Enforcer can get in close and crush you quick with its super-powered arms. Its rubber wheels can also drive over electrified floors, and more resourceful Headlanders can use that to their advantage. 

Shepherd Patrol MKII

These guys are an upgraded model of the MKI, and are able to access Green, Blue, and Violet security doors based on their assigned colors. Not only are they more powerful than the MKI, they're often equipped with laser guns that can split into several angled blasts. 

Shepherd Hunter

The Hunter models are a pain in the neck. They're huge, capable of powerful melee attacks, can fire a continuous laser beam that can shred through your shields in seconds, and are even equipped with a shield. 

Shielded Patrol MKII

Like the regular MKII, but packed with a Prismatic Shield you have to punch through before you're able to rip its head off and take over its body. 

Grid Clash Pawn

Grid Clash is a game the robotic citizens play, and it's a lot like chess, if chess were about blowing up your opponents with lasers. The pawns aren't so lucky, though - they've only got a weak melee attack, and are effectively sent out to die. Godspeed. 

Grid Clash Knight 

Knights in Grid Clash fire at their opponents with an L-shaped laserbeam - you know, just like in real chess. 

Grid Clash Bishop

Bishops are able to attack their opponent with diagonally-firing lasers, echoing their capabilities in the less action-packed board game. 

Grid Clash Rook

Rooks are effectively modified Enforcers, complete with crushing melee attacks. 

Shepherd Eye 

These tiny jerks aren't just capable of filling the air with a burst of lasers - they'll home in on you and self-destruct if you aren't careful.

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