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Theatrythm: Final Fantasy to put musical spring in 3DS' step

If you can swing a sword and carry a note, you may be an ideal candidate to save the world in Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy, Square Enix's forthcoming Final Fantasy game for the 3DS that fuses music game mechanics with good ol' fashion RPG adventuring.

Appearing in this week's issue of the Japanese magazine Shonen Jump, Theatrhythm is described as a traditional Final Fantasy romp governed by rhythm game rules. Players will still venture from town to town slaying monsters along the way, however success in battle will be determined by one's ability to tap along to popular Final Fantasy songs using the system's stylus and touchscreen controls. Early screens indicate Theatrhythm will feature rosey-cheeked %26ldquo;chibi%26rdquo; visuals, and star familiar Final Fantasy characters such as FFVII's Cloud and FFXIII's Lightning.

It has not been confirmed if Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy will box-step its way to western shores, however Sileconerapreviously spotteda North American and European patent for Theatrhythm in early June, indicating it'll be more than just Japanese fans getting their RPG groove on sometime in theyet-to-be announcedfuture.

Jul 6, 2011

Source: [Sileconera]