The Witcher board game hits crowdfunding target in under 5 minutes, quickly blows past $1 million to unlock every stretch goal

Go On Board
(Image credit: CD Projekt Red)

The upcoming Witcher board game The Witcher: The Path of Destiny was announced last month and just made its debut on the crowdfunding site Gamefound. But within minutes of its campaign, the new game from creators Go On Board smashed its funding goal and has now crossed $1 million in funding within hours of its launch.

As the sequel to The Witcher: The Old World, The Witcher: The Path of Destiny expands the board game experiences with a deeper collaboration with developer CD Projekt Red. With a larger focus on going on adventures, players can take on the roles of Geralt, Ciri, Yennefer, Vesemir, and Dandelion as they explore and dive into stories from the games and even new ones that are pulled from the original novels.

Much like the previous board game, the group of players build up a deck of cards that have choices and other actions, all of which can lead to important decisions during turns - but as the game creator state on its crowdfunding page, "only one of you will be remembered as a hero..."

In addition to funding the full game, with its modest goal set at $75,000, the current funding rate has blown past all set stretch goals. These goals included new stories and solo modes for specific playable characters aside from Geralt. But most importantly of all, the stretch goal for Triss as a playable character was unlocked within minutes.

It's an impressive result, all a testament to how passionate the board game community is and how much excitement there is for The Witcher series. So far, the developers haven't announced where the crowdfunding campaign will go next, as all stretch goals have been cleared, but it certainly feels like the sky's the limit.

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