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The Unborn review

David Goyer should stick to writing.

It’s no wonder that The Unborn’s US marketing campaign made a last-minute about-face, dashing the scary, monster-kid angle and focusing almost exclusively, in print-ads and trailers, on lead actress Odette Yustman’s impressive, pantyhugging backside.

Aside from Yustman’s looks, The Unborn is stillborn. Based, broadly, on Kabbalistic myth, the story follows Yustman’s college girl as she discovers a ghostly dead twin and his connection to Nazi genetic experiments.

It’s up to Rabbi Gary Oldman and cinema’s first Jewish exorcism to save the day. Hampered by the 15 rating, director David S Goyer is reduced
to yawn-worthy jump-scares and recycled Exorcist gags to do his dirty work.

Ken McIntyre

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