The Transformers and GI Joe come together in Skybound's Energon Universe trailer

Skybound is ramping up to introduce its so-called Energon Universe with a new trailer featuring art and info about the publisher's plans for new Transformers and GI Joe comics, seen above.

Skybound announced its plans for GI Joe and Transformers following the release of Void Rivals #1, a crossover event comic which sneakily brought in the Transformers and GI Joe as a surprise addition.

Planned comics for Skybound's Energon Universe include a new Transformers ongoing title from writer/artist Daniel Warren Johnson, which follows the Autobots and Decepticons as they seek out the truth of what happened to the planet Cybertron.

Then there are several GI Joe titles planned, starting with one focused on Duke, from writer Joshua Williamson and artists Tom Reilly and Jordie Bellaire. In the limited series, Duke will investigate the origins of the Transformers on Earth during the founding of GI Joe.

There's also Cobra Commander, another limited series launching in January 2024 from Joshua Williamson and artist Andrea Milana which deals with the origins of Cobra and the evil terrorist group's interest in the mysterious substance known as Energon.

"Welcome to the Energon Universe. In the far reaches of space, Void Rivals introduces two warring races fighting on a new planet and a hero rises," reads Skybound's announcement of the trailer. "At the same time, the Transformers robots awaken on Earth. But will the heroic Autobots save the world, or will the evil Decepticons doom the planet? The Robots in Disguise are back, in an all-new shared universe like never before. But their return is only half the battle." 

What's interesting is that, while the Transformers and GI Joe have crossed over multiple times, Skybound's Energon Universe continuity ties the franchises together directly with the rise of both GI Joe and Cobra taking place alongside the arrival of the Transformers on Earth, all centered around the battle for Energon.

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