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Hammer and Beyond

"Do you love classic British horror movies? Enjoy the Gothic delights of Hammer Film Studio's Frankenstein and Dracula?

Are you often wondering what happened to the Hammer stars and starlets? Then please visit Hammer and Beyond and vote for my blog."
- Holger Haase, Editor

Fatally Yours

“ is ‘dead’-icated to bringing horror fans the best and bloodiest, from under-the-radar independent horror to Hollywood blockbusters!

“The staff of writes for the fans and the readers, and does it all, as their motto says, "For the Love of Horror." - Sarah Jahier, Editor

The Vault Of Horror

“The one thing that sets the Vault apart from a lot of other horror blogs is that I am a professional writer willing to invest the time and energy to produce polished pieces on a regular basis.

“I pride myself on alternating from off-the-beaten path industry and related news, to in-depth discussions and retrospectives that are otherwise hard to come by. And I'm proud to cover the genre of horror in its entirety!”
- Brian Solomon, Editor

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