The Super Nintendo controller for Switch is available for purchase

(Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo recently expanded the Switch's selection of games available with its online subscription service to include Super Nintendo games, and soon you can enjoy them the way Miyamoto would want you to - with an official SNES controller from Nintendo. The wireless controller is available for purchase on Nintendo's website exclusively to Switch Online subscribers.

"Now you’re playing with super power. Enjoy enhanced Super NES™ games the way they're meant to be played—using a full-size Super Nintendo Entertainment System style controller! Available for purchase only by Nintendo Switch Online members, this wireless controller offers the perfect way to play these classic Super NES games," reads the product listing.

The controller is $30 and comes with a USB cable. The website says orders will begin shipping on Wednesday, September 18, although that could vary depending on how early you put in your pre-order. And not that it matters to 99% of you, but Nintendo says there's a limit of four controllers per account.

To note, the controller is showing as "Temporarily out of stock" at the time of this writing (9:30pm PT), so you might have to keep an eye on the listing to get in your order. Also, as mentioned earlier, Nintendo will only sell you their wireless SNES controller if you're a "paid" Nintendo Switch Online member, and you're required to log into your account on their website before you can buy the thing.

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