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The Sims Life Stories review

Oh bring us death


  • You can totally go online AND play
  • Low maintenance Sims
  • Designed for Laptops


  • Slimmed down so much
  • Doesn't expand on The Sims
  • Poor performance on high-end PC's

Wonderfully, even the most wholesomely intentioned recreations of humanity can create the oddest events. It%26rsquo;s like wholesomeness just won%26rsquo;t stick. And so, a lovely, clean-cut young lady strolls to the bathroom door to watch as the lovely, clean-cut object of her affections takes a dump. OK, this shocker was more likely created by her need to use the crapper herself - she eventually wandered to the other toilet - than by a love of scatological voyeurism, but still. Our eyebrows still rose.

More Info

DescriptionLife Stories throws you into a fully developed house and lifestyle, and tasks you with managing a person's soap-opera-like affairs.
US censor ratingTeen
Release date6 February 2007 (US), (UK)