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Essentially, it boils down to Frontier replacing the linearity and scripting of most games and replacing it with a system where characters react to motivations. No more cut-scenes; no pauses in gameplay while the developer shoehorns in a story; in essence, what we’ve got is a game where you are the story, and whatever decisions you make determine where that story goes. Now that sounds good.

Your character, Jameson, is going to need all the power his beard and brown leather coat can give him if it’s going to get out of the scrapes he finds himself in. Once a highly-prized CIA operative, he’s now a man on the run for a crime he didn’t commit. As well as an array of lead-spewing weaponry, you will also be able to lay your hands on some tasty hi-tech gadgetry. The game lets you approach it how you see fit, but the more guns you wield, the more desperate your situation is likely to become. We’re betting military equipment will be accessed when you tip-toe your way into CIA HQ at Langley.

Washington DC has been lovingly crafted in-game with key city landmarks like the US Capitol building looking the absolute business. There’s been no word from Frontier on just how much of the city is being recreated, but given that Jameson will be visiting Andrews Air Force Base a few miles south of the city, and CIA headquarters at Langley a few miles north, it’s safe to assume it’ll be at least four miles across. Once Jameson gets hung out to dry, DC starts to close down. You’ll have to use every ounce of brain-brawn, as well as some extreme gunnery, to get out of a series of holes - some of which will be of your own making thanks to the game’s fluid, non-scripted structure.

Frontier have developed a brand new animation system, which ties in better with the more freeform nature of the game. The dev team reckons it gives enemies a more adaptive feel - as in, they can adjust quicker to your movements, and strike back right in your face.

Feb 11, 2008