New Genshin Impact event is so good players want it forever

Genshin Impact
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Genshin Impact's new Labyrinth Warriors event has been so successful that players hope it becomes a permanent endgame activity.

The Labyrinth Warriors event is barely a day old, but players and content creators around the community are already clamoring for developer MiHoYo to officially add it to the game. One of the hottest recent posts on the Genshin Impact subreddit praises it as "proof that MiHoYo can do more/better endgame content," and many more have highlighted the potential for Labyrinth Warriors as an activity that could be farmed for longer periods of time, unlike the current endgame focus, the Spiral Abyss, which you only need to clear once every two weeks. 

Labyrinth Warriors throws you into procedurally generated dungeons separated into chambers. These chambers are connected by halls dotted with treasure, traps, and small collectible buffs, and they all contain some sort of ward, encounter, or loot. There are healing chambers, treasure chambers, and plenty of combat chambers where you can fight for the right to party pick a new ward for your party from a pool of three. Wards provide passive bonuses that increase your damage and tankiness, and landing a rare ward can make a big difference to your party's strength. 

These dungeons also let you make use of more than the usual party of four characters. You set an active team and a support team each time you start a run, and you can swap members in and out at the aforementioned healing chambers. If you pull a busted fire damage ward, for instance, you could move a pyro character like Hu Tao from your support team to your active team, or you could bench someone if their health gets too low and you don't have healing to spare. Your selection of characters is further shaped by your choice of three starting boons, which usually have three uses that can be replenished mid-run, and this adds another wrinkle to building a party.

This isn't the first time Genshin Impact players have asked for events to become permanent content – just look at the well-received tower defense and prop hunt modes – but because Labyrinth Warriors could potentially fill the endgame void that many Genshin Impact players are running into, the demand is especially ravenous this time. Here's hoping MiHoYo reads the room and leans into this sort of content in the future. To be fair, Labyrinth Warriors feels like an improved version of a previous dungeon-type event, so it's entirely possible MiHoYo is moving in that direction.  

Labyrinth Warriors is the latest in a long line of cool ideas that show Genshin Impact raids are not only possible, but could be something really special.

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