The Little Polar Bear: The Mysterious Island review

"In nature, everything makes sense," says a geriatric turtle in this follow-up to the 2001 German-produced original 'toon. If only that applied to this anodyne kids' pic, whose incident-packed, globe-trotting script seems to have been translated by someone with a scarce acquaintance with English.

Preaching a politically correct eco-message that will insult the intelligence of even its ankle-biting audience, Polar 2 finds its ursine hero Lars transported to the sultry Galapagos Islands to save a prehistoric fish monster from some gormless American explorers and some baby turtle eggs from an exploding volcano. Sketched in lo-fi line animation a million miles from Pixar, the film will have most viewers empathising with the seal cub who cries, "Pinch me and tell me this is not happening!"

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