The latest P.T. tribute is the free and adorable QT

Silent Hills teaser P.T. may be gone from the PlayStation Store, but it'll never be forgotten, and not just because it's forever ingrained in our fears. Fans simply won't let it die: we've seen P.T. remakes in the Unreal engine, remakes in the game-making game Dreams, and now even an adorable parody called QT which is basically P.T. filtered through a cute webtoon. 

QT starts off in familiar territory: a long, dimly lit hallway with an ominous message on the floor. "Look behind you," it beckons. Oh crap, not this again. Fortunately, as its official trailer shows, QT quickly drops the horror getup to reveal a jokey, cutesy adventure game starring Weemble, your new best buddy. From the looks of things, Weemble is one of dozens of friends you'll meet in QT. Developer Happy Snake Games says the game can be cleared in around 30 minutes, and you can download it for free on Itch

As it happens, QT is the headliner for a three-game bundle that Happy Snake is currently Kickstarting. The QT: Compendium of Cuteness bundle has raised $402 of its $4,080 goal. If it's funded, Happy Snake will add in Museum, a first-person game about exploring a cute natural history museum, and Kouen, which is set in a Japanese nature park. Yes, you can feed the deer in Kouen. 

Even after all these years, P.T. is still one of the purest and smartest horror games around, especially on PS4. It's a shame we'll never see Silent Hills, but at least we've got Death Stranding to make up for it. 

Austin Wood

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