The Last Broadcast review

With more Blair Witch spoofs than you can shake a broomstick at, it's interesting to see a movie mirroring the lo-fi chiller in many respects, but which was made before Sanchez and Myrick's huge hit.

The Last Broadcast involves a "real-life" documentary about a group of film-makers who go in search of "The Jersey Devil" and are mysteriously killed. Combining video footage with interviews, creators Stefan Avalos and Lance Weiler amazingly knocked their movie out for less than $1,000.

Unfortunately, though, their project is nowhere near as inventive, interesting or as spooky as Blair Witch. Laden with the most boring, repetitive narration ever to sully a soundtrack, it concentrates more on pontificating pointlessly on its fictional events rather than simply showing them.

Avalos and Weiler forget about the importance of suspense, character development and even narrative thrust. And if you're still awake by the last reel, the chances are you'll be too bored to care about the supposedly fiendish `twist'.

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