The Informant! Trailer is here

The trailer for Steven Soderbergh’s new pic, The Informant! is now online and you can see it below.

What was initially thought might be a deep stare into corporate culture and whistle blowing looks like more of a black comedy, with Soderbergh bringing both Matt Damon and a little of the Ocean’s style to the film.

Not only does it look like a lot of fun, but it’s weighed down with prime comedy talent, including Arrested Development’s Tony Hale, comedian Patton Oswalt and even Tom Wilson – yes, Biff himself from Back To The Future!

And that’s only the tip of the thesping iceberg – there’s also Scott Bakula, Melanie Lynskey and Frank “man of a thousand voices” Welker – currently to be found voicing Soundwave and others in Transformers 2.

This just shot close to the top of our wanna-see list, so check out the goodness for yourself…