The Hulk goes full found-footage horror for new annual

Hulk Annual #1 cover art
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Found-footage horror has been a standard premise in films for years now. But what about a 'found-footage' comic?

That's the premise behind 'The Viridian Project,' a new story taking place in a brand new Hulk annual this May, in which a group of filmmakers set out to find the truth about the Hulk himself - but find much more than they bargained for.

Written by David Pepose of Savage Avengers fame with art from Edge of Spider-Verse artist Caio Majado, 'The Viridian Project' will land in May 17's Hulk Annual #1, which features a cover from Gary Frank, seen here.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"Set in the town that birthed the Hulk, the story will introduce a ragtag group of young filmmakers who set out to uncover the truth behind the green goliath’s origin but end up getting a firsthand look at his deadly rage!" reads Marvel's announcement of the new Hulk Annual.

"A documentary crew is on the hunt for a monster at the heart of a gamma radiation leak, but they get much more than they bargained for when they’re caught in the middle of a brawl between two unstoppable giants, as Hulk battles an unleashed Giganto!"

For those not steeped in Marvel lore, Giganto is the massive kaiju-like monster seen on the cover of Fantastic Four #1, the very first comic set in the Marvel Universe - meaning that Hulk is flashing back to some classic Marvel lore for his new story.

"When my editor Wil Moss first reached out to me about writing this Hulk Annual, it took me a beat to wrap my head around the enormity of it all. The Hulk is such a massive character, just this larger-than-life figure who is equal parts man, monster, and unstoppable force of nature," states Pepose in the announcement. 

"And it's that feeling of unfathomable scale that we're looking to explore in 'The Viridian Project,' our found-footage story about a team of filmmakers shooting a documentary on the legacy of Bruce Banner... and the horrors they discover when they actually find him," he continues. "It's been incredibly exciting to dive into the Hulk's adventures through this truly human lens, and I can't wait for readers to witness first-hand what it's like to ride out an encounter with The Strongest One There Is!"

Stay tuned to Newsarama for Marvel's full May 2023 solicitations, coming later this month.

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