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The Google Play store is full of Pokemon Go rip-offs, but this might be the worst

With Niantic's Pokemon Go continuing to be one of the biggest apps on both iOS and Android, it's no wonder that other developers want to ride the wave of popularity. And if you take a stroll through the Google Play store, you'll find a bevvy of knock-offs and copyright infringement lawsuits waiting to happen. But even among such gems as Pocket Pixelmon Go! 2 (2! This is a sequel!) there lies Pocket Animals GO. And it's… well, just take a look:

Pocket Animals GO has actually been on the Play Store since 2016, but I think we can all agree that a classic such as this is timeless and should be shared whenever possible. But truth be told, what really makes Pocket Animals GO so extraordinary is the company it keeps. Turns out, this is just one of many such Pokemon Go bootlegs no doubt hoping to cash in on the game's popularity, all developed by - I swear I'm not making this up - "Pocket Catch Games."

Here's Pocket Pets GO:

And Pocket Beast GO:

Pocket Kitten GO:

Even Pocket Christmas GO:

But back to Pocket Animals GO for a moment. If the screenshots didn't sell you, maybe this absolutely fabulous review can win you over: "It is the best game ever If people say that it's even ok no there Wong it is the best game ever me and my brother are obsessed with it there was a rabbit on my brothers butt and there was a animal somewhere and my brother fart ed and it ran away."

So remember dear reader, if you're having a rough or stressful day, just remember: somebody made a game about clip art animals, and it is just the best at being the worst.

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