The Girl On The Bridge review

The latest feature from Patrice Leconte (The Hairdresser's Husband, Ridicule) is this playful modern fable, which coasts along onthe strength of its two lead performances, some witty dialogue and the verve of the direction. Daniel Auteuil plays Gabor, a middle-aged knife-thrower, who's looking for a new female assistant.

Having rescued the suicidal Adele (Paradis) from drowning, Gabor whisks her off to the South of France, where she proves a willing target in his stage act. At last good fortune appears to be smiling on the protagonists, but is it possible for their relationship to remain on a purely business footing?

The key here is the chemistry between the always excellent Auteuil and a luminous Paradis, who exudes a captivating screen presence (the sexual charge to their professional routine is undeniable). Shot in lustrous black and white, and boasting an adventurous score, The Girl On The Bridge may not be the most substantial of movies, but it exerts an appealing charm.

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