How to access The Finals beta

The Finals beta
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The Finals beta starts on March 7 and will run for two weeks, though it's only available for PC players via Steam at this time. The fortnight long closed beta will provide plenty of opportunities for players to experience the next level of destruction, as almost every part of the virtual arenas can be damaged to gain an advantage or completely obliterated, creating carnage like never seen before.

The Finals beta features two virtual locations to battle in – skyscrapers above Seoul and the old town of Monaco – plus a practice range where you can get to grips with movement and weapons while testing out how far you can push the destruction. There are ranked tournaments and leaderboards to improve your standing alongside casual matches, while you can expect to unlock weapons, gadgets, cosmetics, and more as you progress. To find out how to sign up for The Finals beta and get involved in this, read on.

How to join The Finals beta

The Finals

(Image credit: Embark Studios)

To sign up for The Finals beta, you need to head to the Steam page then hit the 'Request Access' button under the 'Join the The Finals Playtest' heading. After confirming your interest, you'll need to wait for an email from the developer if you've been successful in receiving an invite – access is not guaranteed, so the sooner you can get your request in the better. Note that although the full game will be coming out on PS5 and Xbox Series X, the current The Finals beta is limited to PC via Steam only, though it's possible that a future beta test will include consoles to confirm everything works as intended on those too.

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