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The Eye review

Seeing is believing in this classy chiller from the Pang Brothers (Oxide and Danny), best known on these shores for their crime caper Bangkok Dangerous.

This time it's the horror genre that receives an upgrade from the filmmaking twins, who deftly create an atmosphere of dread and unease with the minimum of cheap tricks or expensive effects.

Blind since the age of two, Mun (Lee Sin-Je) has an operation and receives a brand spanking new set of corneas. But as her vision returns, she sees bewildering apparitions that suggest there is more to her new peepers than meets the eye. Travelling to Thailand, she realises she has inherited the Cassandra-like premonitions of her suicidal donor. But has she inherited her fate as well?

Though reminiscent of Hollywood fare - Ghost, The Mothman Prophecies and The Sixth Sense all spring to mind - this Japanese offering is very much its own animal. One thing's for sure: it'll scare the bejesus out of Western audiences.


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