The Crew 2 free weekend is live now and it's the perfect time for a virtual road trip

The Crew 2 screenshot showing three cars parked on an open road
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

The Crew 2 free weekend is live on PC and PS4 now. If the state of the world has you stressing, I can personally vouch for going on a leisurely coast-to-coast drive of its impressive recreation of the continental USA as an excellent way to unwind.

Going for a drive is always better with friends, and it will be extra easy to get your pals on board with The Crew 2 while the free weekend is in effect. You have until April 13 to take advantage of the free weekend, and if you decide you like the crew-sing lifestyle (sorry) you can pick the game up at a discounted price through April 16. All of the progress you make during the weekend will carry over after the weekend ends.

This free weekend event follows in the tire tracks of The Crew 2's recent Inner Drive update, which added a bunch of new cars to the game as well as fresh avatar customization options. Every bit of it is playable during the free weekend, and everybody who logs on between April 8 and April 15 will be able to unlock the Ford GT 2005 Touring Car Edition by spending a single in-game Crew Credit. That's a lot of talk about cars, but don't forget that The Crew 2 also lets you drive motorcycles and speedboats, and fly planes.

Admittedly, racing cars is the most fleshed-out part of the game. Still, I'll always have a fond memory of jumping into a stunt plane and trying to see if I could find my house from the sky. Even if you utterly disregard all the challenges and the odd social-media-driven storyline, it's worth trying The Crew 2 free weekend just to check out that lovely map.

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