The Breed review

Who let the dogs out? Wes Craven, actually... The man behind Freddy Krueger puts his “Wes Craven Presents...” tag (aka The Kiss Of Death) on this killer canine flick, a bargain basement effort that’s about as scary as a rabbit with an ingrown toenail.

Hottie Michelle Rodriguez (Girlfight, Lost) slips into a bikini to lead a bunch of numbskull college kids looking for fun on a deserted island. Once there, they discover a pack of genetically modified attack dogs (what a bitch). Before you can say “Sit!” the mutts are on the move, trapping the kids on the island by biting through the rope on their sea plane. So bad it’s truly bad, The Breed’s siege-movie plotting tries to be a mongrel crossbreed of Cujo and Night Of The Living Dead. Are 20 cute-looking German shepherds as scary as a hundred reanimated corpses? If you think so, you’re barking mad.

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